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The summer clouds first crack, then burst.
Earthworms emerge, seeking air.
They are there
when the storm has ended, stranded
on the steaming asphalt,
where my two small daughters find them.

In flowered shirts and plastic sandals,
they squat down to look, then
delicate fingers lift limp strands
of pink and brown, return them
to sunburned grass, dark garden soil.

I watch
and then kneel down
to help.

Jennifer L. Freed’s work has appeared in Poetry East, Atlanta Review, Brain, Child, Common Ground Review, and other publications. Her chapbook, These Hands Still Holding, was a finalist in the 2013 New Women’s Voices contest. When not mothering or writing, she teaches creative writing and tutors ESL, and wishes she had time to read as much as her daughters do.

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