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The Sound of Mattie Leaving Home

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Hear the mother swallow her lost daughter.

Hear the wind lowing
    in the burdened leaves of fall.

Hear the father’s pickup truck rumble up the driveway.

Hear the son mowing the lawn.

Hear the silence as they turn off motors,
    discuss soccer practice,
    and scratch the confused black dog.

Hear the dark-red door open as the mother leans out
    to call the men for dinner.

Hear the chairs slide on wood
    and the dog’s nails slinking
    under the table
    circled by four chairs.



Tricia Knoll’s poems have appeared in dozens of literary anthologies and journals. She is a Portland, Oregon poet with a new chapbook, Urban Wild, from Finishing Line Press. She has been a proud mother of Gillian Galford, an ecosystem scientist studying climate change, for 32 years, and remembers the days when Gillian left for college. Please visit Tricia’s website at for more information.

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