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When Wednesday’s Visions Come in Color

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At the sink washing dishes
I almost believed
I was a mother
of two children playing jax
and looking very old-fashioned.

The boy wore navy shorts
and knee socks pulled up
and the girl kept her hair
in a long braid, tied off
with a red silken bow,
which I must have made, being

From the spare room I'd painted
gray to dull the shadows
of winter's empty trees
came the knocking
of the rubber ball against
the wood floor,
at first slow and serious
then quick, doubling and laughable.

It was a dead indulgence.
A thought like the neighbor's cat
killing all the rabbits
with their dark and sacred eyes.
Supple-throated and yielding
to the fields that tell us
so many fallow lies.

Tamra Carraher has published three interactive books of poems and illustrations for children, titled PICTURE/BOOK, Bluefish Haiku and Alphabet Book. Her poetry has been featured in Toe Good Poetry and in Burningword Literary Journal. She received an MFA from New England College, has worked as an Associate Editor for the Naugatuck River Review, and has started a quarterly magazine called Alexandria Quarterly. She has no children of her own just yet but loves her nieces and nephews (and Theodore!) very much.

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"Supple-throated and yielding to the fields that tell us so many fallow lies." Excellent!
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