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Everything Is Possible

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On drives Grace chats about woodpeckers
and how we can have anything we want
in our backyard—pink and purple, and yellow
and blue, anything! She knows just as our friends
digger and dump truck have work to do to build
a road, so do the bees in making the flowers grow.
She tells me stories of The Bean King who is happy/angry
and likes to bounce all day. She sings the Alphabet Song
when we pass the noise barriers covered in graffiti
on I-293. She decides she needs something tall
and strong to help her reach a plastic bag in a tree,
and then chooses her dad. She tells me she loves
saying the word awesome and then hugs the maple
in our front yard when we get home.



Jenn Monroe is founder and executive editor of Lit House Press and its literary blog Extract(s): Daily Dose of Lit and is the author of the chapbook Something More Like Love. Her work has been featured most recently in Non-Binary Review, The Mom Egg, Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, and Tower Journal. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their daughter.

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