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I put down everything

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I built
a cardboard, 3-D,
poseable T-Rex for you.

Bruising my palms,
pressing the stubborn
pieces together,
cursing a little.

You dance around,
a baby dino,
atop our furniture.
Leaning bodily on me,
to check my progress.

I put down everything:
phone, book, broom, dog food, medicine, computer, journal, coffee, tea, chocolate, sunflower seeds, spatula, paint, checkbook, dish towel, iPad, laundry,

I am doing nothing
but jamming cardboard cut-outs together
according to tiny, lettered diagrams.

When I hand you my
his name becomes SharpTooth.
He earns a place on the Monster Shelf,
right next to



Adrienne Mayse teaches English, Creative Writing, and Sociology at an alternative high school in Indiana. Her poetry has been published in the University of Southern Indiana’s FishHook, and she received the 2004 Francis S. Hutchins Award for poetry from Berea College. She lives in a little yellow house with her husband, daughter, and too many pets.

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