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my sunset

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she’s covered in the primary colors found in      rainbows
on the front porch
making a quilt
to match the sky for fun

black and grey curls
bless her forehead
she scratches her nose
where grandpa first kissed her

then pricks her finger
with that curved needle in the process
she laughs at the pain
exposing the depth of her wisdom

then one strand escapes
like wild thread near her birthmark
she wraps it in a frizzy bun
right above the nape of her neck

she can tie her hair and string up so quickly
faster than most braiders i know
i want her stories to slip through me that way
when sharing the secrets of her mother

crow’s-feet crowd the corners of her brown eyes
like poor people crowd altars in deep lines
she rocks in a noble chair in her golden years
she moves like the ocean waves back and forth

in between each tug she leans forward in peace
listening to what i’ve learned she smiles
her soul hums holy hymns daily
she'll wink before she sinks into the earth           forever

Venus Jones is a performance poet, speaker and peace advocate. She earned her MFA in poetry from Mills College and nurtures students while coordinating cultural events at Eckerd College. Her books include Lyrics for Langston (endorsed by the Langston Hughes Family Museum) and She Rose: on a journey from girl to Goddess. Her work has also appeared in Poet Lore, SpokenVizions Magazine, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and Whirlwind Magazine.

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I hope someone will contact Venus Jones with my comment. I found this a stunning read, without literary conceits or pretension of any kind. Each heartfelt stanza unfolded effortlessly into the next. I related deeply to the love she expresses in the sixth stanza, having recently lost my own aged mother, and the embedded rhyme in the final line made my heart give a thump. Well done!
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