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Postcards from my Childhood

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(in our small cabin by the bay my mother steeps)

leaves of wild mint

I ride her hip

through my first year


(she repeats names)

cockle clam

wild poppies

chant flame

hermit crab

names are closed

like buds

awaiting speech


(my father comes and goes in four-wheel drive)

his pick-up rattles

cattle guards


(my mother baskets whale bones)

I kneel beside her


press my ear

to her belly

feel the flutter

of my little brother


(we move to a pine house)

surrounded by fruit trees

before he comes

we grow

with the taste

of the land on our tongues

(we become)

Erin Rodoni is a writer, editor, massage therapist, and mother. She was the recipient of a 2013 Intro Journals Award from AWP and holds an MFA in Poetry from San Diego State University. Her work has appeared in Best New Poets 2014, Tupelo Quarterly, Antiphon (UK), Colorado Review and Verse Daily, among others. Erin is a former poetry editorial assistant for Literary Mama.

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