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Don’t look for me where I once was
I left those wooded glades
cafés and libraries
changed my name
to Em-Oh-Em
steeled myself against vomit and tears
dug in my heels
at the stove and dishwasher
dragged my feet
in the sandbox
followed the poison ivy lined path
to spot Godzilla approaching
or the tiniest LEGO piece
swept under the rug
until one day came the stop sign
and all the long detour
of your growing up—
all the other signs set aside
just to be back in the thicket
of childhood—

To watch now as if from behind glass
the snowflakes shake off
their own snowflake
and the tightly wound bud
of the peony bed
more vivid in memory
now that all those broken petals
are strewn across the front steps

Vasiliki Katsarou’s poems have appeared in Poetry Daily, Agave Magazine, Regime Journal (Australia), wicked alice, Wild River Review, here/there: poetry, and The Curator, as well as in the anthologies Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place and Rabbit Ears: TV Poems (NYQ Books). Her first collection of poems, Memento Tsunami, was published in 2011 by Ragged Sky Press. In 2014, Vasiliki was one of 70 poets performing work at the Dodge Poetry Festival, the largest poetry festival in the United States. She lives in Hunterdon County, NJ, with her husband and son, and a dachshund named Melville.

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