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Sofia in the Garden

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I hide myself in the shadows
like a criminal. If you see me

watching, time will intrude
and the moment go.

I watch you eat raspberries and peas, move
to nasturtiums then honeysuckle,

moving from food for people
to forage for bumblebees and hummingbirds.

I watch you squat and stare at the soil. I stop
weeding and imagine you

wet with the gloss of birth,
with grey hair among children. Time swings

back and forth. I watch you stare at the worm—
how the brown moves into pink, how it

contracts and steals into its small self,
its five-chambered heart slowing down,

stealthily tunneling into the dirt while you watch—
you watch it go.

Lee Gulyas’s nonfiction has appeared in journals including Kahini, The Common, Prime Number, and Full Grown People. A collaboration with Brenda Miller appears in the summer issue of Sweet: A Literary Confection. For the last two years she has participated as faculty in WWU’s Service-Learning Study Abroad Program to Rwanda. This summer she stayed at home with her husband, cats, and chickens, and celebrated with her daughter, who just graduated from college.

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