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Sisyphusian Condition


I am tired, defeated,
a nightgown-clad Sisyphus
making waffles and eggs,
washing dishes, folding laundry,
pushing the boulder of domestic chores
up the hill day after day.

My muscles ache, and I long to rest—
to slip into soft sweet sleep,
alone and unneeded,

but I have to wash the same dishes again.
I close my eyes and bemoan the fates
when a glass clinks against the edge
of the sink, and I hear my coin
dropping into Charon's pouch.

I feel the stab, the ache in my chest
as my heart pounds the reminder:
time is short, and the ferry moves closer every day.

I sweep up my crumb-covered toddler,
cover him with kisses,
and dance him past piles of laundry
and scattered toys, dirty dishes and daily messes,
sempiternal messes—
a privilege of the living.

Ava Love Hanna is an essayist, poet, and performer living in Austin, Texas. She studied Creative Writing and Interpersonal Communications at the University of Houston and graduate studies in English at the University of St. Thomas. She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown up.

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Fantastic! Captures all the mommy feelings so beautifully.
Really beautiful - thank you. (I too am so surprised when people think I'm a grown up - especially teenager - I think - why are you acting like I'm an authority?)
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