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Unsent letter to my son’s birthmother on his birthday

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Is he the donkey
you pin in your mind—
a boy with your lover's eyes
gifted dimples in his cheeks
where you last kissed him—
a buoy you circle
but can't quite touch

Or am I the only one
who pictures him in another's
ballooning photo album
his smile bright with frosting
surrounded by strangers
laughing at their good fortune
blowing smoke in my eyes

Jamey Temple is the mother of three children under the age of nine, who not only keep her Facebook statuses entertaining, but also help to co-create bedtime stories. In her spare time, Jamey utilizes her MFA from Spalding University, life experience as a patient and mother, and career experience as a publications coordinator by teaching writing and public relations courses at a small liberal arts college in Kentucky, where she also acts as managing editor of its literary journal, Pensworth. Her prose and poetry have appeared in numerous publications including Kentucky Monthly, Repurposed Magazine, Still: The Journal, and The Quotable.


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