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I point out the mass,
a foot from shore
amidst the swirling
of the incoming tide.

She crouches low
to examine the milky
center, silky tentacles luminous
in the late afternoon sun.

Gently, I press its flesh
with a stick of driftwood,
thinking it upside down
and in need of rescue,

but its body
is an illusion,
and I am mistaken.
Fitting, I think,

having just watched her scatter
her father's ashes across the sand
with youth's exuberance,
flinging and skipping and

singing as the heat-lightened
dust and bits of bone
sifted downward,
found home.


Sarah Kilch Gaffney is a writer, brain injury advocate, and homemade-caramel aficionado. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Hippocampus, Modern Loss, Mamalode, RoleReboot, and Brain, Child, among other publications. She lives in Maine with her daughter.

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