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A Geometry of Falling

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Felix Culpa, O Happy Fall


Think of a woman
vacuuming her stairway rug

beneath a window’s
angled stare,

pausing only
to notice

in rhombic light,
a diamond fractal of carpet

or to lose herself
in frenzied sound,

till she sees she’s on
a spondee and words

Ping-Pong from her brain.


Some say pomegranate but I say
apple, Eve’s tempter,

now thurifer of Autumn air.
The wind coaxes

Cortland branches to drop
their cider-bound load.

Shadows toss their lanky limbs
upon the vesper earth.

Barn swallows skim the ground
and rise again, skim and rise,

the rapid gradient
of their flight

almost a stumble.


A Tuesday morning.
I’m at the kitchen sink when

my son walks in.
For you, he says as

a stone spills
from his fingers, descends

like a tangent
to land

heart-shaped (yes)
against my soap-wet palm.

We trip from grace
to grace,

O Happy Fall.

Wendy Vergoz’s poems have been published in Ground, Flying Island Journal, The Christian Century, and Anglican Theological Review. She loves working with artists in other genres like painter Sofiya Inger, and she’s done readings in a number of exhibitions in Indianapolis. Wendy teaches writing at Marian University. Her son and daughter are in college in upstate New York—they are wonderful people, and she’s proud of the job she did raising them.

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