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You true believers

Who plant corn in March
Who scramble to clear a patch of hope
for your grocery store potatoes.
They will sprout through sore eyes.

You lucky conductors

Who draw storms from the bathwater,
music from the sound of the sucking of the drain.

You funny curators

Whose baskets and drawers spill with lost feathers
& dead crab detritus.
Whose cardboard & masking tape sculptures,
culled from the husks of catalog shopping,
burst through the ceiling of home.

I can no longer contain you.

Clickety-clack typewriter, fairy-tale fashioner, pillow fighter,
miracle lighter.

Would there a way, with you I’d go.

Melissa Benton Barker lives with her family in Yellow Springs, OH. Her work has also appeared in the Manifest-Station. She is currently an MFA candidate at Antioch University-Los Angeles.

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