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Maceo’s Mouth

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A word in my son’s mouth
first clusters with bubbles,
curds into slow said syllables.
He blends them.
Takes in tone and texture of the sounds,
the extracted, the misinterpreted, the caught-just-one-time
in marrow and mouth rehearsals.
The curious muse
populates his bucket
with more new heard sounds.
He churns again.
Pronounces then ponders the mixture.
Practices pronunciation through gestures.
Dances it out in fast turns, flailing arms,
claps hands to gestate
his intrepid interpretation.
Sound hatched, launched in quirks, big bursts.
Stands akimbo. Teeth bare in wide smile.
We smile back.
He is gratified to try again.

Tanya Manning-Yarde, Ph.D, is a freelance writer, educator and Mom. She is currently copy editor and contributing writer for Bronze Magazine. She is a freelance blogger for the annual Montclair Film Festival and maintains a personal blog of writings across numerous genres and topics . Prior to pursuing a career as a writer, she was an educator, having worked as a high school English/Language Arts teacher, Assistant Professor at City College (City University of New York), Instructional Coach for Diploma Plus, and an educational consultant. Her poems have been published by Memoryhouse and Random Sample Review.



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