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Mother-Daughter Conversation

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She calls from a thousand
miles away. Instead of wandering
through our usual thickets
of hello-how-are-you-how-is-your-life
our voices sound light and clear,
without the dim static
of doubt and hesitation.
We ride our telephone horses
toward each other, not stumbling,
not having to dismount and look
for another way in, and she says
you’ve always been my model
for feminism, for justice; now
you’re my role model for compassion
and I can only pause and say
thank you, recalling the tough survival days
and the love that rode through
so many years to arrive, finally, here.

Maril Crabtree lives in Kansas City. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have appeared in The DMQ Review, Main Street Rag, Persimmon Tree, Third Wednesday, Poet’s Market and others. She served as poetry editor for Kansas City Voices. Her most recent chapbook is Tying the Light. Her daughter lives in Seattle and is also a writer.

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