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Happy Mother’s Day

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This invented form utilizes only the letters in the title for the entire poem. No single word may use any letter in a frequency greater than it is used in the title.

A modest stardom, her opera's at home:
a yam-ham Pampers rhapsody.
Part shopper, mopper, mad horse
stopper, she tames the yard,
shreds the reams, a poet trapped
at Pharaoh's hamper.
Part Sappho, Martha, meat roast hero,
she hears her dream team's
yes-ma story. Past the prom, her moat
has ears: a store-shot mayday,
trash-hop tears.
Some say Harpy, some Earth-smart.
Say she has a homemade heart.
Yet others storm her hope-short days.
Adore her. Shore her. Pray she stays.

Siam Karami‘s poetry and critical work can or will be found in such places as The Comstock Review, Able Muse, The Rumpus, Pleiades, Mezzo Cammin, Tupelo Quarterly Review, Glass Poetry, Sukoon, and Orchards Poetry as featured poet, among other venues and anthologies. A mother of five and entrepreneur, her poetry has been nominated multiple times for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Her first full-length poetry collection will be published at the end of the year.

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