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Nine Months

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It took my daughter
nine months
till her fingers and toes,
her heart and mind,
were ready for the light.

It took my mother
nine months
to unlearn living,
finally giving in
to the rage of cancers.

It took the town of Salem
nine months
to press and burn
its witches,
even though they had no magic.

It can take even longer
to finish a poem.
This one is in
its seventh month,
and I do not know it yet.

Jane Yolen has given birth to three children and 366 published books. She has been called “The Hans Christian Andersen of America” by Newsweek. Her adult poems have appeared in journals such as North American Review, Asimov’s, Goblin Fruit, Moebius, as well as anthologies and chiseled into library stone or on library windows as stained glass. She has 9 books of adult poetry published and has been nominated multiple times for the Pushcart Prize.

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