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Mother’s Day Greeting

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Every year standing in the pink papered aisle,
pulling out card after flowery card
scripted sentiments such as You were always there
for me
and I am so lucky
to have you for a best friend
Each one goes back, cardstock dropped
with a smack against plastic casing.

I need a card that says, You left
books around, and now I'm a teacher
, or
We can't talk politics, but we love
old houses
. On the front, a drawing–
an unmown field, a pasture fence. Instead,
I take one with a tree, blank inside,
where I write, in slanting cursive so much
like yours and Grandma's, Happy Mother's Day.
Meaning, I know now
you did the best you could

Lisa Macaione is a college English instructor and writing group facilitator. She received an MA in English Literature from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and a version of her thesis on William Blake appears in the book And Never Know the Joy: Sex and the Erotic in English Poetry. Lisa lives with her husband and two daughters outside of Chicago, Illinois, in the town where she grew up.

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