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a worn woman stands in my mirror
half-cocked smile working its way to the corners
my mother deserves a joyful daughter
my mother, the one in the mechanical bed
I remember a version of me
standing tall with my broad frame and big hands
(gifts from my dad)
ready to take on life's traveling circus
I fancied myself a carnival strong-woman
all muscles and charisma

what of this beaten figure confiscating my reflection
proud shoulders curving toward the dirt
hands large like her father's, now achy and brittle

I long for a return to those 360-mirror days
sauntering like a big cat
pumping fierce iron
positive in mind and powerful in body
yet here I am with the memory
unable to ignite the revival
my beloved weights, big stacks once impressive to many
abandoned on a cold gym floor somewhere

still I lift every day
my mother's broken body like a heaving sack of flour

from bed to wheelchair to commode
up and down up and down
up ramps down ramps side ramps
in around and back again

with each passing day
I grow stronger

AM Roselli is a writer and artist living in Hudson Valley, New York. Her illustrated poetry collection, Love of the Monster, was published in 2016. Her writing has appeared in Red FezPanoplyzine, The Paragon Journal, Firefly Magazine, Free Lit Magazine, The Avocet, Front Porch Review, Chicago Literati, oddball magazine, The Absurdist, From Whispers to Roars, Now Then Magazine, and Into the Void Magazine. Her art has been featured in the A3 Review and Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY.

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What a beautiful, touching poem! AM Roselli is a poet who knows how to touch the heart and mind. So wonderful to read her here!
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