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In the middle of my childhood
on early winter mornings
when a slice of listless light
moved past my bedroom door

and the smell of oil seeped
from the kerosene lamp
that guided my father's
footsteps down the dark
hallway to stoke the fire

I felt a quiet tranquility
I wasn't old enough to understand
but somehow knew, when the cinders

crackled in the fireplace
and the warmth of my father's voice
as cozy as the rooms he'd heated
summoned me to breakfast,
my feet scurrying across
the thawed, wooden floorboards.

Shay Cook earned an MFA in creative writing from National University and a bachelor’s in English from the University of Phoenix. Shay is the author of a collected work of poems entitled Black Silk. Shay’s poetry has appeared in both online and print venues. Her recent published work can be found in GNU Journal, Mothers Always Write, Silver Birch Press, and Entropy Magazine. Shay makes her home in beautiful Tampa, Florida.



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