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Submission Guidelines: Book Reviews

Editors: Jamie Sumner, and Kathleen Buckley
LMreviews (at) literarymama (dot) com


Please send a query first. Tell us why you're the person who should be reviewing this book, and why Literary Mama readers should be interested in it. Be sure to include "Reviews Submission" in the subject line of the email.

We seek reviews exploring literary work—fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry—about any form of motherhood (biological, foster, adoptive, empty-nest, transgendered, grand, and more). We review both newly-released work and older books that we consider to be important to the genre.

Try to give us a reasoned, fair, well-balanced and supported critique of the work, offered in a positive and supportive tone. If you include a summary, please be sure it serves a purpose in illustrating a point or supporting a thesis, and doesn't simply give away the plot.

Make no ad hominem attacks on the author; please restrict your critique to the author's craft, ideas, execution, arguments, etc., rather than critiquing the author.
Please bear in mind, our audience's time—and our space—is limited; we do not publish reviews of books we can't recommend.

We'd like to see reviews that consider craft as well as content. For example, you may want to comment on literary style; use of literary elements such as metaphor, symbolism, narrative structure, or narrative flow, cohesion, development; use of example and illustration; and appeal to the intended audience.

Format: Specify title, author, publisher, publication date, price, and ISBN at the top. 12-point type; left justify; one space between paragraphs; and straight quotes and straight apostrophes (don't use curly/smart ones).

Length: 800-2000 words. After we have approved your query, please send submissions as an attached Word document, and be sure to include the words "Review Submission" in the subject line.

Review our General Submission Guidelines and check out this blog post for more tips.