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Submission Guidelines: Literary Reflections

Editors: Andrea Lani and Libby Maxey
LMreflections (at) literarymama (dot) com


We seek essays by mother writers, both established and emerging, focused on the creative process. We're looking for first-person reflections with an intellectual as well as personal focus.

Potential topics include:

Writing as a Mother

  • The relationship between becoming a mother and becoming a writer.
  • The influence of motherhood on your craft.
  • The influence of writing on your mothering.
  • The outlets for mother writers, from the private (journals, diaries) to the public (books and magazines) and those that attempt to bridge the gap (blogs).
  • The development and influence of communities of mother writers (on-line and real time).
  • Maintaining your writing life as a partner to someone who may or may not be a writer.
  • Reviews of "how to" books on the writing process, by and/or focused on mother writers.


Reading as a Mother

  • The reading that inspires and motivates your writing process.
  • Returning to familiar childhood literature as you read to your child.
  • Introducing your child to reading and writing.
  • Giving feedback to and editing the work of other mother writers.


Working as a Professional
Teaching, Editing, Publishing, Archiving, and Marketing Mother-Writing

  • Developing a career as a professional mother writer, from sending out queries, negotiating with publishers, promoting the work, doing signings, and giving readings.
  • Working as a professional editor or publisher in the field of mother-writing.
  • As a teacher of literature and/or writing, your experiences with words and literature in the classroom and within the school/college/university environment.


Here are some tips on writing a Literary Reflections essay.


What We Are NOT Looking For:

  • Reviews of literary works or interviews with authors; these are published by our Reviews and Profiles departments, respectively.
  • Laments about how hard it is to write with children underfoot. We are all mothers and writers; we know it's hard.
  • Motivational, how-to, or self-help-style articles. Consider contributing to the After Page One feature on our blog if you have an inspirational story to tell.


Please send submissions of 1500-3500 words to LMreflections (at) literarymama (dot) com in the text of an email (no attachments), along with a brief cover letter.

Format: 12-point type; left justify; one space between paragraphs; and straight quotes and straight apostrophes (don't use curly/smart ones.) Be sure to include the word "Submission: in the subject line. We respond within four to six weeks.


Review our General Submission Guidelines.